1. Are You Maintaining Your Sub-Sea Network?

    November 29, 2012 by Sarah

    Under the ocean’s floor it’s much harder to protect our vital Internet infrastructure from natural enemies like Trojan “Sea Horses”! Maintaining a reliable, secure network is vital for any sub-sea organisation to deliver products such as these.

    SFN joined the Atlantic Cable Maintenance and Repair Agreement (ACMA) at the start of 2012 as part of our pro-active cable operations and maintenance programme for CeltixConnect. ACMA operates one of the largest dedicated marine fleets in the world and is responsible for the maintenance and repair for over 60 of the largest sub-sea telecoms, power, oil and gas organisations in the world. To learn more about sub-sea cable maintainence and repair visit www.acmarepair.com

    Earlier this year ACMA selected us to oversee the newly developed and upgraded ACMA website. Following on from a long honoured tradition amongst the ACMA members, SFN is delighted to have been selected from a group of prestigious sub-sea providers to spearhead the development and new direction of this vital resource.

    The ACMA website is an essential communications tool for members such as Cable & Wireless, Hibernia Atlantic, Verizon and SFN who depend on real time access to information regarding vessel locations and maintenance agreements. ACMA selected SFN from amongst its 60+ specialised sub-sea operators, following in the footsteps of previous members who managed the site.

    Check out our mention in the Wall Street Journal!

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  2. 10 Reasons To Invest In Your Backbone Network

    July 26, 2012 by Sarah

    1. Demand is exceeding supply: Telecom Ramblings says the fibre wasteland is long gone – the same can be said for the fibre wastewater! The sub-sea business case is being driven by low latency and greater route diversity.  Video, cloud computing and mobile data are consuming more and more capacity diminishing the supply of modern sub-sea fibre.

    2. Age of existing cables: most sub-sea cables are designed to operate for up to 25 years, however their economic life can be as low as four years and rarely longer than 10-15 years. Until 2012 there had been no new sub-sea cable installations in over a decade between the UK and Ireland. CeltixConnect was completed in January 2012.

    3. Equipment: some cables struggle to support the latest innovations in technology adding unnecessary complexity and costs to your network.

    4. Increasing capacity: if a cable has excessive traffic, the impact of an outage is critical. Netflix takes up to 30% of the Americas Internet’s bandwidth at peak hours, and new competitors like Amazon, Hulu, Youku, and the BBC iPlayer are growing rapidly.

    5. Growth in Ireland: Dublin is becoming a key node in the European market a trend which is being driven by the mounting adoption of cloud computing, online business applications, video and mobile data, all hosted in Ireland’s massive datacentres.

    6. Business models have changed: private cable providers like SFN, offer an economic package to large users. Service providers, existing cable owners and large enterprises can mirror the economics of a consortium model but avoid associated disadvantages.

    7. Build certainty in your business plan: guarantee future supply and cost of capacity.

    8. Diversity: with the consolidation of the telecom industry in recent years, it is sometimes difficult to find a backbone network infrastructure with true path diversity. Originally, there were two distinct sub-sea cable corridors in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the UK: North and South. CeltixConnect is the only cable on the central corridor of the Dublin-Anglesey Route and offers a diverse, scalable and secure dark fibre product.

    9. Control: integrate fibre on CeltixConnect into your backbone for full control over your network and have the ability to rollout next generation applications.

    10. Modern cable technologies: state-of-the-art systems like CeltixConnect reinforce and replace existing, aged networks in the Irish Sea as Internet capacity doubles every year.

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  3. 10 Things You Need To Know About Sub-Sea Dark Fibre

    May 8, 2012 by Sarah

    1. Sub-sea fibre optic cables carry over 98% of international voice & data traffic.
    2. Dedicated dark fibre is the most secure, scalable and economical backbone infrastructure you can make with an ROI of less than three years.
    3. Sea Fibre Networks’ state-of-the-art, dark fibre network is a dedicated sub-sea infrastructure offering IRU and fixed lease price plans.
    4. The total cost of ownership of a dark fibre network is far more economical than leasing telecommunications services over the terms of the existing contracts.
    5. No other sub-sea network offers dark fibre from Ireland to UK. The CeltixConnect dark fibre network has been constructed within the last 4 months and utilizes the latest in fibre optic cable technology.
    6. Dark fibre transmission has more than 1 million times the capacity and speed of satellite transmission.
    7. CeltixConnect is the newest, most diverse dark fibre route connecting Ireland to the UK. Sea Fibre Networks clients can offer their customers the most advanced network system linking Ireland – UK, boosting them ahead in the market place.
    8. A sub-sea dark fibre cable has the ability to transport an unlimited amount of information. Laser technology limits the capacity of the fibre.
    9. Dark fibre delivers the greatest level of flexibility in product design, business models, scalability, and adoption of innovative services.
    10. Service Providers: do not lag behind your competitors. Act now to secure the ability to deliver next-generation services to your customers.


    Invest in a completely diverse, dedicated dark fibre connection on the Ireland – UK route and future proof your connectivity at a fixed price: Contact us now to design a network infrastructure fit for the future!

    This is the subsea cable that we used across the Irish Sea. The photograph is of a sample part of the cable that we prepared to show everyone at our launch!