C-Fibre Products

Sea Fibre Networks is highly flexible in its product offerings. The primary products are Dark Fibre and Bright Fibre. Hybrid solutions will always be examined to tailor a product to a customer’s needs. We offer 5, 10 and 15 year leases and 10 or 15 year IRU’s. Solution or cost proposals can generally be turned around within a 24 hour period, even tailored hybrid solutions can be turned around very quickly.

Download our C-Fibre Product Suite here.

Service Providers:

Use our fibre network as the backbone for your telecom service and we will help you design the rest: 

  • Acquire your own fibre backbone
  • Expand your network into European countries or business centres.
  • Have full control over your network capacity
  • Build certainty in your business plan through control of fixed cost network requirements on diverse resilient routes

Large Enterprises:

  • Connect all your office locations on dedicated fibre
  • Choose route diversity to ensure absolute security and resilience
  • Unlimited bandwidth to cope with increasing and unpredictable demand
  • Robust connection to internet exchanges
  • Cost effective, scalable and resilient platform
  • Run as little or as much traffic

What Sea Fibre Can Offer Your Organisation:

  • 131km Sub-Sea G.652.D Fibre
  • Diverse T-50 connections
  • Diverse to UK connections
  • Co-Location at EastPoint Business Park and Wales
  • Exact Routing Info
  • 24x7x365 Network Monitoring from our NOC
  • SLA's and attenuation levels

To learn more about sub-sea dark fibre, please download our "10 Things You Need To Know about Sub-Sea Dark Fibre" data sheet here.