CeltixConnect lands directly in the heart of Dublin’s business district at East Point Business Park and the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC).  It connects to the T50, Dublin’s major metropolitan network which links to all the key business districts, data centres and business parks.

In the UK, it connects to the Welsh Government funded Fibrespeed network, an open access fibre-optic network that connects Holyhead to Manchester, and with a number of other major fibre-optic networks linking London and mainland Europe.

CeltixConnect Facts:

  • Shortest cable linking Ireland to the UK (131km) supports lowest latency solutions
  • Secure routing, diversity and deep burial for continuity of service
  • 28 days of video can pass through each fibre pair or the entirety of Wikipedia in the same second
  • 72 fibre pairs (more than double the existing capacity)
  • Most modern fibre technology (G652D) to support highest capacity lit services (up to 100gig)
  • 2 years of music can pass through each fibre pair per second - at 72 fibre pairs that is more than a lifetime of easy listening in a second