1. Not just Olympic Demand…

    July 11, 2012 by Sarah

    Last week saw the end of a three-week festival of football – Euro 2012. It also saw the end of a three-week hike in Internet traffic. With an estimated 11 million visitors expected for London 2012, network operators and broadcasters are preparing themselves for another surge in Internet traffic on their networks.

    The UK’s largest telecoms providers (BT, Three, o2, Vodafone) are collaborating to provide extra network capacity. This will require a MASSIVE investment. This short-term investment for extra network capacity really says something about where our vision was ten years ago when constructing our vital network infrastructures. Who would have imagined that an event such as the Olympics could drive the demand that is estimated this year?

    The BBC expects the demand of the broadcasters online streaming service iPlayer to soar to 1Tbps! People will also be sharing photos and videos across all social media channels. YouTube users were uploading 10 hours of video to the site per minute in 2008, today that’s increased to 72 hours of new video content per minute.

    It’s not just the demand for these events that will test our metro and sub-sea fibre networks that are soon becoming scarce. On-going demand for international bandwidth continues to increase – growing 45% in 2011. Gartner estimates the global DCS market generated $150B globally as of 2011 and is projected to grow to $200B in 2012. Public cloud services are to grow from $91 billion worldwide in 2011 to $109b in 2012. By 2016, enterprise public cloud services spending will reach $200b.

    CeltixConnect is the first sub-sea fibre network to be built in OVER A DECADE in the Irish Sea. Events like London 2012 and the Euros prove that state-of-the-art, scalable networks are crucial for maintaining a reliable network that will not cause a reduction in end user service performance. Next generation service providers and enterprises have a big decision to make in the next year or two:

    Should we invest in our network infrastructure to offer next generation services and applications or lag behind in the market place, watching our competitors surpass us?

    Telegeography projects that $5.5 billion worth of new sub-sea cables will enter service during 2012 and 2013. Be the first to move to fibre or upgrade your existing network with one of CeltixConnect’s 72 fibre pairs! We are prepared for future demand… are you?

  2. CeltixConnect & Ireland: At the Linchpin of Europe’s Connectivity

    June 28, 2012 by Sarah

    Today there was an announcement from Colt Technologies stating that Ireland is at the heart of Europe’s network infrastructure. Sea Fibre Networks (SFN) signed a fibre deal with Colt in January this year and an initial 400Gb of customer traffic is now live on this network. CeltixConnect has enabled Colts customers with the most reliable, high-quality capacity services that allow enterprises to deliver information faster between Ireland and mainland Europe via London.

    CeltixConnect, at 136km, is the shortest sub-sea network linking the United Kingdom and Ireland, providing the greatest delivery of lowest latency solutions for businesses and cities. The new state-of-the-art cable system constructed by Sea Fibre Networks provides a unique, geographically diverse, central corridor for connectivity. Colt’s new London to
Dublin route with 4.267ms latency is the lowest on the market and has generated significant
interest from their Ireland-based partners.

    Gary Keogh, Director, Colt Ireland said: “Ireland is an exciting place for Colt because of the enormous success of its ICT sector which continues to grow, particularly in the Dublin area. Our continued investment here will ensure Ireland remains right at the heart of Europe’s network infrastructure and the location of choice for large technology companies.” Diane Hodnett, Chief Executive Officer, Sea Fibre Networks said: “Colt’s investment in this vital infrastructure further validates the continued growth and success of Ireland’s Digital Economy. Ireland’s technology and financial sectors depend on highly reliable, scalable and low latency connectivity services that CeltixConnect’s customers can deliver.”

    Calll us today to discuss the future of your network needs +35316624399

  3. Why is Diversity a Key Factor for a Modern Era of Telecoms?

    June 20, 2012 by Sarah

    Eight out of ten global ICT firms have established their European HQs in Ireland and 10 ‘born on the internet’ companies have Irish bases that continue to expand their business by building large-scale datacentres to host and support their businesses. CeltixConnect is a key part of the infrastructure used by service providers and enterprises to deliver their data seamlessly from country to country.

    Originally, there were two distinct sub-sea cable corridors in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the United Kingdom, namely the north and south corridor. The lifespans of these cable systems are in every case significantly less (c. 13-15 years) than their planned commercial life. The new CeltixConnect state-of-the-art cable system constructed by Sea Fibre Networks provides a unique, geographically diverse, central corridor for connectivity between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

    CeltixConnect lands at East Point Business Park and the IFSC in Dublin, and connects with other fibre networks in Dublin. It also intersects with the T50 metropolitan area network that links key business districts, data centres and business parks in Dublin. On the UK side, it lands in Anglesey, Wales and connects with Manchester, London and on to mainland Europe.

    This new fibre network more than doubles the previous data capacity between Ireland and the UK, supporting the explosion of online media. Just under 3 million photos can be uploaded per second on each fibre pair, which represents 173 days worth of uploading pictures online in one second. The ability to transport data from Ireland across Europe on a high fibre count, diverse, state-of-the-art network further supports the massive digital services industry in Ireland.

    Is your service provider utilising this new state-of-the-art network? Call us to find out! +353 1 6624399

  4. CeltixConnect has “Rithm”

    May 23, 2012 by Sarah

    Online financial trading requires a high speed, high capacity and low latency connection. Powerful algorithms — “algos”, in industry parlance — execute millions of orders a second and scan dozens of public and private marketplaces simultaneously. They can spot trends before other investors can blink, changing orders and strategies within milliseconds. A five-millisecond delay transmitting an automatic trade can cost a broker up to 1% of its flow = up to $4 million per millisecond.


    Sea Fibre Networks has designed a sub-sea telecoms network called CeltixConnect that enables high-frequency traders to transmit millions of orders at lightning speed. CeltixConnect will reinforce and replace existing, aged networks in the Irish Sea as Internet capacity doubles every year. Firms that employ high frequency trading strategies and the high performance networks that serve them, low latency means faster market data and faster order executions. Sea Fibre Networks’ understand that you need to reduce latency across your networks in order to maintain a competitive edge in trading. Sub-sea telecommunications cables transmit 98% of the global Internet traffic. As other sub-sea networks reach end of life you need to make sure you are on the fastest network.


    The question:
    Is your network operator on newly built subsea cable: CeltixConnect? CeltixConnect shaves 100km off the original Ireland – London route. That’s a staggering ½ millisecond! Did you know 85% of latency is based upon length? Check out how Colt expanded their long distance network with CeltixConnect here.

    CeltixConnect is the new low latency sub-sea network connecting Ireland to the UK. Make sure your network operator is on it today. Call us today and speak with one of our expert engineers.
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  5. 10 Things You Need To Know About Sub-Sea Dark Fibre

    May 8, 2012 by Sarah

    1. Sub-sea fibre optic cables carry over 98% of international voice & data traffic.
    2. Dedicated dark fibre is the most secure, scalable and economical backbone infrastructure you can make with an ROI of less than three years.
    3. Sea Fibre Networks’ state-of-the-art, dark fibre network is a dedicated sub-sea infrastructure offering IRU and fixed lease price plans.
    4. The total cost of ownership of a dark fibre network is far more economical than leasing telecommunications services over the terms of the existing contracts.
    5. No other sub-sea network offers dark fibre from Ireland to UK. The CeltixConnect dark fibre network has been constructed within the last 4 months and utilizes the latest in fibre optic cable technology.
    6. Dark fibre transmission has more than 1 million times the capacity and speed of satellite transmission.
    7. CeltixConnect is the newest, most diverse dark fibre route connecting Ireland to the UK. Sea Fibre Networks clients can offer their customers the most advanced network system linking Ireland – UK, boosting them ahead in the market place.
    8. A sub-sea dark fibre cable has the ability to transport an unlimited amount of information. Laser technology limits the capacity of the fibre.
    9. Dark fibre delivers the greatest level of flexibility in product design, business models, scalability, and adoption of innovative services.
    10. Service Providers: do not lag behind your competitors. Act now to secure the ability to deliver next-generation services to your customers.


    Invest in a completely diverse, dedicated dark fibre connection on the Ireland – UK route and future proof your connectivity at a fixed price: Contact us now to design a network infrastructure fit for the future!

    This is the subsea cable that we used across the Irish Sea. The photograph is of a sample part of the cable that we prepared to show everyone at our launch!

  6. Welcome to the Sea Fibre Blog!

    December 15, 2011 by Sarah

    Welcome to the Sea Fibre Networks Blog! The blog will act as a valuable source for all the latest news about our company, our activities and provide an insight into our business. It will also contain views and opinions about the sub-sea cable industry in general with analysis of industry trends and news from senior staff here at Sea Fibre. With over forty years of experience in this industry between our small team we hope to enlighten you with our knowledge.

    Please feel free to email us if you would like us to talk about a certain topic:

    It is a very exciting time for us right now with our cable instillation complete. We are thrilled to be the first company in over a decade to reach this far so stay tuned for more updates!

    You can also become a fan of our Facebook page –  we have posted lots of of the cable laying process and our launch. Follow us on too where we post the most up-to-date news of the industry! Check out the The CeltixConnect Launch too.