1. 5 Assurances to Look for in a Sub-Sea Telecoms Provider

    January 10, 2013 by Sarah

    There are many important factors to take into account when selecting a new sub-sea telecoms provider or re-evaluating your existing one. By selecting the correct provider, you can minimize the impact of disruptions to your critical business operations and improve the quality of your customer product or service offerings.

    1. Design – Designing a robust cable route that will protect the cable from seabed aggression or anchor damage requires specific experience in marine engineering. Carrying out detailed marine surveys is fundamental for route design with the outputs from the survey utilised to ensure optimum burial.

    2. Installation – Proper installation is the foundation for any sub-sea cable system. It is vital that the cable achieves the designed burial and that free-spans are avoided, particularly in areas of fishing and shipping activities. Avoiding mobile bedforms on the seabed is also of great importance to avoid exposure of the cable in the medium to long term.

    3. Commissioning – This should include post lay inspection and burial. Detailed baseline test data should be obtained for each fibre on the cable so that any degradation or fault can be monitored and appropriate action taken. Compilation, storage and updating of as –built records are vital tools for the successful maintenance of the cable over its lifespan and indeed ultimately for decommissioning.

    4. O&M – In order to protect the investment of an installed sub-sea cable, operators must undertake a comprehensive operations and maintenance regime. This can include cable awareness programmes, fisheries liaison, coast guard liaison, AIS monitoring and fibre monitoring amongst others. A proactive approach is far better that a reactive approach to a cable hit.

    5. Future Strategy – This involves the ability to meet customer demands and grow with your customer. For example, SFN’s long-term vision is to be one of the world’s foremost independent carrier-neutral cable providers. As dependency grows for sub-sea communications we work with customers to deliver sub-sea solutions in other territories while remaining at the linchpin of the solution.

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  2. Are You Maintaining Your Sub-Sea Network?

    November 29, 2012 by Sarah

    Under the ocean’s floor it’s much harder to protect our vital Internet infrastructure from natural enemies like Trojan “Sea Horses”! Maintaining a reliable, secure network is vital for any sub-sea organisation to deliver products such as these.

    SFN joined the Atlantic Cable Maintenance and Repair Agreement (ACMA) at the start of 2012 as part of our pro-active cable operations and maintenance programme for CeltixConnect. ACMA operates one of the largest dedicated marine fleets in the world and is responsible for the maintenance and repair for over 60 of the largest sub-sea telecoms, power, oil and gas organisations in the world. To learn more about sub-sea cable maintainence and repair visit www.acmarepair.com

    Earlier this year ACMA selected us to oversee the newly developed and upgraded ACMA website. Following on from a long honoured tradition amongst the ACMA members, SFN is delighted to have been selected from a group of prestigious sub-sea providers to spearhead the development and new direction of this vital resource.

    The ACMA website is an essential communications tool for members such as Cable & Wireless, Hibernia Atlantic, Verizon and SFN who depend on real time access to information regarding vessel locations and maintenance agreements. ACMA selected SFN from amongst its 60+ specialised sub-sea operators, following in the footsteps of previous members who managed the site.

    Check out our mention in the Wall Street Journal!

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  3. Our New Dublin – Amsterdam Solution is here!

    November 1, 2012 by Sarah

    Sea Fibre Networks now service two of Europe’s major data hubs: London and Amsterdam. This is essential for enabling Irish and multinational companies to export their data from our digital island on bespoke routes around the globe

    The C-Fibre portfolio has expanded from the greater Dublin area to Amsterdam, home of the busiest Internet Exchange in Europe, AMS-IX. Utilising selected third party providers, SFN delivers an end-to-end fibre solution from Dublin to Amsterdam, via London, while remaining carrier-neutral and the linchpin of the solution. This Dublin – Amsterdam solution is managed with industry leading single Service Level Agreements.

    AMS-IX currently trafficks on average 1.25 terabits (Tb) per second, with a year high peak of 2Tb making it a central Internet hub in Europe servicing companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. This seamless solution, connecting Ireland to Amsterdam, further enhances Ireland’s bid to become the Internet capital of Europe enabling top multinationals and providers with the ability to offer their customers the most modern route to Amsterdam.

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  4. Sea Fibre Networks Uncovered

    October 19, 2012 by Sarah

    Sea Fibre Networks is a new breed of privately owned, carrier neutral telecoms company, specialising in the operation and construction of sub-sea telecoms infrastructures. In January 2012, SFN completed CeltixConnect, a completely diverse 144- fibre network, designed with the shortest route connecting Ireland and the UK. In a short space of time CeltixConnect has become the lynchpin of Internet and data communications between Ireland and the UK delivering service from Dublin to London for customers such as Colt and euNetworks. CeltixConnect, is Europe’s first subsea network construction in over a decade. Here are some vital points you must know about Sea Fibre Networks.

    1. Unique business model – SFN is carrier-neutral and not built by a consortium. This enables SFN to market infrastructure to all service providers minimising the need for their own infrastructure investment. SFN exclusively markets dark fibre and does not compete with its customers by selling lit services or owning third party terrestrial networks, instead enabling them with new opportunities through our Partner Network Programme.
    2. Company philosophy – Customer relationships, quality of service and education of the market is at the core of our company philosophy. SFN has built a modern brand to represent a modern telecoms provider and aims to educate and build global awareness of the importance of sub-sea telecoms to the Internet.
    3. New, Innovative products – Dark Fibre is offered on a wholesale basis to service providers and large enterprises, mirroring the service model of metro fibre. For organisations who wish to own their own network infrastructure but lack the resources to manage long-haul dark fibre networks, SFN recently launched Bright Fibre. This enables organisations to exploit the benefits of dark fibre without needing to employ the resources and associated costs.
    4. Use of technology – SFNs operating model is to innovatively utilise technology for management of the network. Cloud services are maximised for data management with mobile communications and advanced marine technology for network monitoring and management.
    5. Funding – SFN raised $15 million through Investec Bank and a US based private equity investment group CCEI, during a global recession. This success was directly related to the uniqueness of the business and its long term vision.
    6. Vision – SFN’s long-term goal and vision is to connect Ireland, UK and mainland Europe as resiliently as possible, enabling as many International connections as possible. e.g. Asia-Pac, Transatlantic etc. The next phase of SFN’s evolution will be the construction of FastnetConnect. This will connect Ireland to France and link back to the UK creating a resilient loop of subsea connectivity between Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. Fastnet Connect will be constructed using the shortest routes possible to minimise latency. Ireland and the UK are the stepping-stones for future investment into Europe from America and Asia and SFN are enabling this.

    “From the outset we found working with Sea Fibre team a pleasure, they were highly skilled and knowledgeable …… All of the interface issues were identified, planned and executed with seamless ease. We found working with Sea Fibre Networks was extremely professional.” Colt Engineering Team.

    “The CeltixConnect sea cable will enable Colt to benefit from the lowest latency route between Dublin and London and represents the continued expansion of our information delivery platform’s capabilities throughout Europe.” François Eloy, Executive Vice President Colt Technologies

    “This diverse link between the United Kingdom and Ireland serves euNetworks’ customers in the financial services, carrier and media segments who depend on highly reliable, scalable and low latency connectivity services. These customers depend on euNetworks for a state-of-the-art network infrastructure like CeltixConnect that supports their future ambitions.” David Selby, Vice President of Product and Strategy of euNetworks

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  5. The Staffordshire Gateway, the carrier neutral option.

    October 10, 2012 by Sarah

    Today announced we announced the launch of our Staffordshire Gateway, an unrivalled interconnection point made possible by constructing a high fibre count terrestrial network from Balterly to Halmer End. At the Staffordshire Gateway our customers can now access a range of six fibre providers enabling them with a choice of route, Service Level Agreement and cost efficiencies.

    We have brought the Carrier Neutral Data Centre Model into the networks world demonstrating our commitment to carrier-neutrality and further minimising dependency on single operators, ensuring the customer is always at the forefront of choosing the best suited solution design for their requirements. By constructing the Staffordshire Gateway, SFN bypass a longer (158km), more northerly route to London increasing diversity and lowering costs for customers. This newly constructed Dublin to London route satisfies demands for capacity and low latency driven by digital services and online gaming industries typically requiring shortest route connections and extreme speeds.

    Our CTO, Tom McMahon said: “In the past customers rarely had a choice in backhaul provider at this location. However the addition of the Staffordshire Gateway ensures the customer is at the centre of the solution and can design a network bespoke to their requirements such as low latency (length), cost, existing relationships, or scalability.”

    Today, we were not only launching the new Staffordshire Gateway, we are launching our company ethos of carrier-neutrality too! If you are a network provider and do not want to be competeing with your service provider at market level give us a call today to discuss your network requirments +35316624399 or email us today here.

  6. Brightening The Irish Sea

    September 12, 2012 by Sarah

    Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Data will grow 50 times in the next 10 years presenting unique opportunities and huge infrastructure challenges.

    Our Bright Fibre, part of the C-Fibre portfolio, empowers service providers and enterprises with the benefits of dark fibre without the associated complications of management. SFN manages the dark fibre on behalf of the customer reducing risk and cost and avoiding any interface issues in the event of an outage.

    Bright Fibre comprises fibre, co-location services and the customers optical equipment all managed under one single point of contact Service Level Agreement by SFN. Bright Fibre enables Internet enterprises and service providers with a dark fibre infrastructure previously unattainable due to lack of localised internal resources or skills.

    Diane Hodnett, Sea Fibre Networks’ CEO, said; “ As on-going demand for international bandwidth continues to increase, growing 45% in 2011, a new wave of companies wish to own their own network infrastructure but lack the resources. Bright Fibre facilitates these organisations to exploit new Internet based opportunities to manage in-house with greater certainty and massive cost-savings.”

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  7. Taking the Dublin-London Tube

    August 20, 2012 by Sarah

    “If the Internet is a global phenomenon, it’s because there are tubes underneath the ocean. They are the fundamental medium of the global village.” Andrew Bloom

    In January of this year Sea Fibre Networks constructed a 136km long tube connecting Ireland to the United Kingdom. Utilising selected third party providers, SFN delivers an end-to-end telecoms infrastructure from Dublin to London and Manchester while remaining carrier-neutral and the linchpin of the solution. We partner with a number of selected Service Providers and deliver diverse connections from Dublin to London or Manchester, managed with industry leading single Service Level Agreements. To enable this model we constructed our own critical terrestrial link facilitating connectivity to multiple fibre providers on a competitive basis.

    Eight out of ten global ICT firms have established their European HQs in Ireland and 10 ‘born on the internet’ companies have Irish bases that continue to expand their operations by building large-scale datacentres to host and support their businesses. CeltixConnect is a key part of the infrastructure used by service providers and enterprises to deliver their data on a seamless and scalable Dublin to United Kingdom route.

    Sea Fibre Networks delivers the innovation and flexibility businesses need to stay ahead in the market place. We provide network solutions tailored to specific needs with the most efficient service. Are you on the fastest, shortest tube on the Dublin – London or Manchester Route? Find out by contacting us today and one of our expert engineers will review your network and its needs +35316624399.


  8. 10 Reasons To Invest In Your Backbone Network

    July 26, 2012 by Sarah

    1. Demand is exceeding supply: Telecom Ramblings says the fibre wasteland is long gone – the same can be said for the fibre wastewater! The sub-sea business case is being driven by low latency and greater route diversity.  Video, cloud computing and mobile data are consuming more and more capacity diminishing the supply of modern sub-sea fibre.

    2. Age of existing cables: most sub-sea cables are designed to operate for up to 25 years, however their economic life can be as low as four years and rarely longer than 10-15 years. Until 2012 there had been no new sub-sea cable installations in over a decade between the UK and Ireland. CeltixConnect was completed in January 2012.

    3. Equipment: some cables struggle to support the latest innovations in technology adding unnecessary complexity and costs to your network.

    4. Increasing capacity: if a cable has excessive traffic, the impact of an outage is critical. Netflix takes up to 30% of the Americas Internet’s bandwidth at peak hours, and new competitors like Amazon, Hulu, Youku, and the BBC iPlayer are growing rapidly.

    5. Growth in Ireland: Dublin is becoming a key node in the European market a trend which is being driven by the mounting adoption of cloud computing, online business applications, video and mobile data, all hosted in Ireland’s massive datacentres.

    6. Business models have changed: private cable providers like SFN, offer an economic package to large users. Service providers, existing cable owners and large enterprises can mirror the economics of a consortium model but avoid associated disadvantages.

    7. Build certainty in your business plan: guarantee future supply and cost of capacity.

    8. Diversity: with the consolidation of the telecom industry in recent years, it is sometimes difficult to find a backbone network infrastructure with true path diversity. Originally, there were two distinct sub-sea cable corridors in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the UK: North and South. CeltixConnect is the only cable on the central corridor of the Dublin-Anglesey Route and offers a diverse, scalable and secure dark fibre product.

    9. Control: integrate fibre on CeltixConnect into your backbone for full control over your network and have the ability to rollout next generation applications.

    10. Modern cable technologies: state-of-the-art systems like CeltixConnect reinforce and replace existing, aged networks in the Irish Sea as Internet capacity doubles every year.

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  9. Not just Olympic Demand…

    July 11, 2012 by Sarah

    Last week saw the end of a three-week festival of football – Euro 2012. It also saw the end of a three-week hike in Internet traffic. With an estimated 11 million visitors expected for London 2012, network operators and broadcasters are preparing themselves for another surge in Internet traffic on their networks.

    The UK’s largest telecoms providers (BT, Three, o2, Vodafone) are collaborating to provide extra network capacity. This will require a MASSIVE investment. This short-term investment for extra network capacity really says something about where our vision was ten years ago when constructing our vital network infrastructures. Who would have imagined that an event such as the Olympics could drive the demand that is estimated this year?

    The BBC expects the demand of the broadcasters online streaming service iPlayer to soar to 1Tbps! People will also be sharing photos and videos across all social media channels. YouTube users were uploading 10 hours of video to the site per minute in 2008, today that’s increased to 72 hours of new video content per minute.

    It’s not just the demand for these events that will test our metro and sub-sea fibre networks that are soon becoming scarce. On-going demand for international bandwidth continues to increase – growing 45% in 2011. Gartner estimates the global DCS market generated $150B globally as of 2011 and is projected to grow to $200B in 2012. Public cloud services are to grow from $91 billion worldwide in 2011 to $109b in 2012. By 2016, enterprise public cloud services spending will reach $200b.

    CeltixConnect is the first sub-sea fibre network to be built in OVER A DECADE in the Irish Sea. Events like London 2012 and the Euros prove that state-of-the-art, scalable networks are crucial for maintaining a reliable network that will not cause a reduction in end user service performance. Next generation service providers and enterprises have a big decision to make in the next year or two:

    Should we invest in our network infrastructure to offer next generation services and applications or lag behind in the market place, watching our competitors surpass us?

    Telegeography projects that $5.5 billion worth of new sub-sea cables will enter service during 2012 and 2013. Be the first to move to fibre or upgrade your existing network with one of CeltixConnect’s 72 fibre pairs! We are prepared for future demand… are you?

  10. CeltixConnect & Ireland: At the Linchpin of Europe’s Connectivity

    June 28, 2012 by Sarah

    Today there was an announcement from Colt Technologies stating that Ireland is at the heart of Europe’s network infrastructure. Sea Fibre Networks (SFN) signed a fibre deal with Colt in January this year and an initial 400Gb of customer traffic is now live on this network. CeltixConnect has enabled Colts customers with the most reliable, high-quality capacity services that allow enterprises to deliver information faster between Ireland and mainland Europe via London.

    CeltixConnect, at 136km, is the shortest sub-sea network linking the United Kingdom and Ireland, providing the greatest delivery of lowest latency solutions for businesses and cities. The new state-of-the-art cable system constructed by Sea Fibre Networks provides a unique, geographically diverse, central corridor for connectivity. Colt’s new London to
Dublin route with 4.267ms latency is the lowest on the market and has generated significant
interest from their Ireland-based partners.

    Gary Keogh, Director, Colt Ireland said: “Ireland is an exciting place for Colt because of the enormous success of its ICT sector which continues to grow, particularly in the Dublin area. Our continued investment here will ensure Ireland remains right at the heart of Europe’s network infrastructure and the location of choice for large technology companies.” Diane Hodnett, Chief Executive Officer, Sea Fibre Networks said: “Colt’s investment in this vital infrastructure further validates the continued growth and success of Ireland’s Digital Economy. Ireland’s technology and financial sectors depend on highly reliable, scalable and low latency connectivity services that CeltixConnect’s customers can deliver.”

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