1. CeltixConnect has “Rithm”

    May 23, 2012 by Sarah

    Online financial trading requires a high speed, high capacity and low latency connection. Powerful algorithms — “algos”, in industry parlance — execute millions of orders a second and scan dozens of public and private marketplaces simultaneously. They can spot trends before other investors can blink, changing orders and strategies within milliseconds. A five-millisecond delay transmitting an automatic trade can cost a broker up to 1% of its flow = up to $4 million per millisecond.


    Sea Fibre Networks has designed a sub-sea telecoms network called CeltixConnect that enables high-frequency traders to transmit millions of orders at lightning speed. CeltixConnect will reinforce and replace existing, aged networks in the Irish Sea as Internet capacity doubles every year. Firms that employ high frequency trading strategies and the high performance networks that serve them, low latency means faster market data and faster order executions. Sea Fibre Networks’ understand that you need to reduce latency across your networks in order to maintain a competitive edge in trading. Sub-sea telecommunications cables transmit 98% of the global Internet traffic. As other sub-sea networks reach end of life you need to make sure you are on the fastest network.


    The question:
    Is your network operator on newly built subsea cable: CeltixConnect? CeltixConnect shaves 100km off the original Ireland – London route. That’s a staggering ½ millisecond! Did you know 85% of latency is based upon length? Check out how Colt expanded their long distance network with CeltixConnect here.

    CeltixConnect is the new low latency sub-sea network connecting Ireland to the UK. Make sure your network operator is on it today. Call us today and speak with one of our expert engineers.
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