Sea Fibre Networks Lands CeltixConnect in Anglesey, Wales


Sea Fibre Networks Lands CeltixConnect in Anglesey, Wales


First company in over a decade to land a sub-sea cable from Ireland

1st February 2012, Dublin, Ireland - Sea Fibre Networks, owner and operator of Europe’s most advanced subsea telecoms network, today announced that CeltixConnect, a major fibre gateway has landed in , Wales which connects onwards to London and Manchester. This fibre network will be game changing, enabling businesses with the lowest latency solution between Ireland and the UK and onward to Europe. This historic milestone for in telecommunications will meet the burgeoning demand for capacity driven by the ever-increasing digital services industry in Ireland.


Twenty-eight days worth of watching online high-definition TV can pass through each fibre pair of the cable per second. At seventy-two fibre pairs in total that’s the equivalent to five and a half years of watching high-definition TV or video passing through the cable at any given second. CeltixConnect will more than double the existing data capacity between Ireland and the UK, supporting the explosion of online media and content.


Diane Hodnett, Sea Fibre Networks CEO said: “CeltixConnect landing heralds a new era for communications between Ireland and the rest of the world, opening up new opportunities for government and business across the country. Our efforts over the past three years have come to fruition, and we are proud to be the first company in over a decade to provide this modern telecommunications system. Ultimately, Sea Fibre Networks success will be linked to the changes that take place in the digital services industry in Ireland over the coming years.”


About Sea Fibre Networks

Sea Fibre Networks is a carrier neutral, sub-sea telecoms provider. The company is owner and operator of CeltixConnect, Europe’s most advanced sub-sea telecoms network. Sea Fibre Networks delivers the innovation and flexibility businesses need to stay ahead in the market place. It provides network solutions tailored to specific needs with the most efficient service. All products are supported by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These are further enhanced with proactive management and monitoring of the sub-sea cable system.


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