Sea Fibre Networks Sponsor the 2nd Annual Global Submarine Cable Forum 2012

26th March 2012, Dublin, Ireland - Sea Fibre Networks, owner and operator of Europe’s most advanced sub-sea telecoms network CeltixConnect, today announce their sponsorship of the 2nd Annual Global Submarine Cable Forum. This exclusive forum will bring together experts in the telecommunications field to share their cutting edge experiences and their future plans. Sea Fibre Networks considers this event the perfect medium for marketing Ireland’s lowest latency sub-sea telecommunications network.

On March 26th, Diane Hodnett, Chief Executive Officer, Sea Fibre Networks, will present on the role of the Carrier Neutral Sub Sea Telecoms Operator.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn from leading telecommunication companies about next generation networks and cable manufacturing. There is an increasing demand for data capacity, and with fibre optic cables providing efficiency and stability it is estimated that by 2014 submarine cables will reach maximum capacity causing a slowdown in data transfers. As a consequence, it is crucial for the telecommunication industry to lay new cables in the next two years in order to accommodate this ever-increasing traffic.

Attendees include: Google, Emerald Networks, TESubcom, 
Alcatel Lucent, Verizon, TATA, Pioneer Consulting,
Infinera, Cable & Wireless, 
Vodafone Group, 
Interoute, and
Level 3 Communications Ltd.

About Sea Fibre Networks

Sea Fibre Networks is a carrier neutral, sub-sea telecoms provider. The company is owner and operator of CeltixConnect, Europe’s most advanced sub-sea telecoms network. Sea Fibre Networks delivers the innovation and flexibility businesses need to stay ahead in the market place. It provides network solutions tailored to specific needs with the most efficient service. All products are supported by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These are further enhanced with proactive management and monitoring of the sub-sea cable system.


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