Our Networks

Almost all (98%) Internet traffic is carried on subsea cables supporting the massive growth in data that is being driven by the digital revolution. With the consolidation of the telecom industry in recent years, it is sometimes difficult to find a backbone network infrastructure with true path diversity, European links, new systems features and scalable capacity. 

Sea Fibre Networks have designed a completely diverse, state-of-the-art network connecting Ireland to the United Kingdom with the shortest length (131km) and excellent burial (up to 1 metre) in stable seabed sediment. The route design takes account of seabed users, fishing activities and patterns to absolutely minimise the danger of cable damage. This dramatically reduces the risk of outages. 

CeltixConnect extends from East Point Business Park, Dublin, Ireland to Holyhead, Wales, UK.  Utilising open access network Fibrespeed, CeltixConnect links into its own exchange at Halmer End called the Staffordshire Gateway. This highly strategic gateway facilitates dark fibre connections northwards to Manchester or directly southwards to London over multiple third party dark fibre providers through SFN’s Partner Network Alliance.

Here are just some of the key benefits:

  • Geographical diversity
  • Secure routing/excellent burial potential (avoiding seabed hazards eg. natural seabed features, wrecks, danger zones, anchors, fishing gear)
  • Short sub-sea route (131km)
  • Diverse backhaul (connectivity on land) for redundancy
  • Very short backhaul to Cable stations and interconnection points with other networks
  • New fibre technology
  • Connection to networks in Europe’s major cities

Welsh Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science, Edwina Hart described the European sub-sea cable connection as great news for North Wales stating:

“This investment in such critically important infrastructure can only bring benefits to businesses in the region providing access to international network connectivity. It is welcomed by the Welsh Government and will help make businesses more competitive while such connectivity is always an attraction for inward investment projects. It has the potential to support the development of the Energy Island project on Anglesey which is also the preferred location for an Enterprise Zone."