Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

Hi I’m CeltixConnect, call me CC! I am a sub-sea telecoms cable constructed, operated and owned by Sea Fibre Networks (SFN). Word under the sea is that a cable is at most risk during its first year of service due to many controllable and uncontrollable factors such as damage or weather conditions. I’m celebrating my first birthday on the 12.12.12 so scroll under the sea with me to hear all about the story of my successful installation and first year.


I spent lots of time planning before my installation and deciding on factors such as cable type, path across the Irish Sea and how was I to be constructed both on land and at sea. Luckily, SFN had lots of experience in this regard so my installation was successful and problem free.

The route chosen for me closely follows the former BT TE1 cable, installed in 1988 by industry experts, BT. Following in the footsteps of another cable allowed me to improve what was already an excellent route by using modern survey and cable lay technologies.

Following a successful installation it was full steam ahead to service my very first customer, Colt Technologies:

"From the outset we found working with Sea Fibre team a pleasure, they were highly skilled and knowledgeable when it came to network location, Council liaison and Project Management. All of the interface issues were identified, planned and executed with seamless ease. We found working with Sea Fibre Networks was extremely professional." Colt Engineering Team.

Operations and Maintenance (O & M):

One of the most important things I can do as a sub-sea cable to protect myself and my customers, is to make sea-bed users aware that I’m here. I do this through a pro-active Operations & Maintenance Programme. Back at the Network Operation Centre, the O&M team monitor the Shipping and Fishing Automatic Identification System (AIS) and during my first year we have identified the various shipping and fishing patterns from trawlers to small pot fishers. Fortunately, my route is in a relatively neutral fishing zone and most of the fishing takes place either to my north or my south. I keep a daily log of the vessels and very rarely does one fish over me.

Throughout the year and during my planning, the team have built many relationships with the local Navy, Coastguards and Fisher Liaison Officers in my area through our Cable Awareness Programme. This provides me with the best neighbourhood watch in the sea making sure I have no unwanted visitors. Luckily I am positioned in close proximity to the BT TE1 cable, in a well-known and respected zone that has been documented on Cable Awareness Charts since 1988.

Terrestrial Backhaul:

It’s not just my sub-sea section that needs protecting; my two landfalls have terrestrial fibre that connect me safely into the Cable Landing Stations. Usually backhaul cable is buried in the ground to the depth of 400mm – 650mm, whereas I am buried to a minimum of one metre depth everywhere. This affords me maximum security and protection across the entire 136 kilometres of cable.

In addition, my two terrestrial backhaul sections are very short. The Dublin backhaul is only 4km from the beach landing to my Cable Landing Station which is itself only 2km from the heart of Dublin City and the International Financial Services Centre. Although getting the permits for my route into the City Centre was difficult, the end result is worth the effort.

In Wales my backhaul is only 2.5km from the beach to the Cable Landing Station. My backhaul routes are driven regularly to make sure no events occur.

Fibre Guardian:

I was installed in 2011 so my team have been able to use the latest technology to pro-actively monitor my fibre under the sea. My guardian angel, Fibre Guardian takes a fibre trace every 15 seconds and even the slightest occurrence can be monitored and my team will be notified via mobile alerts.

On-going Protection:

I am delighted to reach the 1 year mark and am even more excited about my second birthday as I am getting an ROV and Dive Survey just to be sure I am remaining fully buried. Until then all of my Monitoring and Pro-Active Maintenance will continue.


In summary, the key to my first year success boils down to good route engineering, burial, cable choice and armour profile, installation and on-going pro-active maintenance. I hope to report back to you next year to let you know how year two went. In the meantime, check out the products I can offer your business today here.


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